FAQ Page

Shipping Information

Due to COVID-19, orders may be EXTREMELY delayed. Many printing warehouses have had to shut down due to "shelter in place" orders and they have limited staff due to practicing correct social distancing measures. Currently, orders are taking anywhere from a week to a few weeks to ship depending on the provider. Current estimated processing time is 1-2 business days (NOT INCLUDING WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS).

Follow this link to calculate business days: 


Shipment times vary based on the type of shipping you chose. Priority  Mail takes approx. 1-3 business days, but has been seen to take anywhere between 5-7+ days. First Class mail takes a little bit longer. Please note, shipment time is different from processing times listed above.

Once your item is at the post office, the shipment is literally out of our hands.
We have no more information on tracking than you do via your USPS/DHL/UPS tracking number.
Once the package leaves our hands, it is now between the customer and the postal service/mail service used.
I am not responsible for delayed shipments, lost orders, stolen packages, etc.
If there are any issues receiving a parcel after it has been shipped, it is the customer's responsibility to get in contact with their postal service or package service used.
If you need help locating a delayed or lost shipment, please contact your local post office or the USPS/DHL/UPS helpline.
I cannot offer refunds or replacements due to issues as such.
I do not hold any liability for damages, lost or stolen packages, incorrect addresses, etc. so please track when your package will arrive.

We can only inquire  about missing in transit/lost in transit shipments, if you contact us at verations@gmail.com



We are a Made-To-Order shop (MTO), what that means is that we do not carry in-stock items (outside of stickers, keychains, pins). Everything is custom.
We order supplies in batches then work on orders when we have time in our schedule, as we have a full time job, once the materials arrive. 
Please be aware of the above sections regarding processing and shipping. 
We do not accept returns or exchanges at this time due to COVID-19.
We do not accept cancellations once materials have been bought.
If you HAVE to cancel and materials have been purchased, you will be subject to a 40% restocking fee. 
We will only remake/resend orders if it is something that is our fault.
We are not responsible for incorrectly ordered sizes, colors, designs, etc.  
If ANY order it is sent back to us, we will consider it a "forced return" and NO refunds will be given.


Apparel Notice

We reserve the right to substitute apparel brands in order to fulfil orders. Sometimes there are shortages for brands in certain colors/sizes which we do not have an estimated restock timeline on. We will do everything in our power to choose a comparable product in order to fulfil your order without having to delay/refund.